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Message from the Chairman

Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Psalm 51:7

Nearly five years ago, Hyssop Health’s parent company, Dermazone Solutions, was developing a skin care product with primarily natural ingredients to effectively treat acne while my husband was reading Grant Jeffrey’s The Signature of God. He became intrigued with the book’s revelations of the public health practices to which God directed Moses for the children of Israel during the long and arduous trek from Egypt to the Promised Land. Dr. Jeffrey’s meticulously researched book points to the mixture of hyssop, cedar and the ashes of the red heifer as a purifying and cleansing agent, both in the physical and spiritual sense.

I believe this incredible oil is a divine gift from God, as it has been since the time of Moses, intended to protect and preserve His children. God provided complete cleansing for our spirits by the blood of Jesus, and the same cleansing for our minds by the Word of God – He has also provided something Divine for our bodies!

Karalyn Schuchert, Chairman
Hyssop Health, a division of Dermazone Solutions