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The Story

Chairman of Dermazone Solutions Karalyn Schuchert had prophetic words presented to her by Randy DeMain, director of Kingdom Revelation Ministries, who called out to her at a conference and said, “You will rediscover the values of an ancient oil-based product.” Bob Jones saw her in an ancient medicine cabinet pull out an ancient oil for healing purposes.

After these exchanges, Schuchert talked with Dermazone Solutions’ president, Deborah Duffey, whose researchers were exploring the impact of origanum vulgare on acne. Hyssop Health’s medical director, a board certified infectious disease specialist, Christopher Brown, M.D., reviewed the extensive literature origanum vulgare on oregano oil’s ability to not only eliminate P. acnes bacteria, but a host of other bacteria and viruses. He then conducted a series of laboratory tests and the results were conclusive that origanum vulgare had a definitive effect on P. acnes.

Dr. Brown then completed a series of laboratory tests to measure the effects of oregano oil on Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, MRSA and P. acnes. The research results showed that the oregano-based compounds outperformed the best of traditional antibiotics and prescription antifungal medications, demonstrating the capacity of origanum vulgare to destroy a variety of bacteria, fungi and viruses.