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Evolving from research on treatments for burn victims, who needed the continuous release of healing ingredients to the inner layers of the epidermis, Hyssop Health’s parent company, Dermazone Solutions, developed all-natural nanospheres that are 1/50th of the size of a human skin cell. Dermazone’s patented Lyphazome nanosphere technology has been adapted for Hyssop Health to carry natural bioactive and active ingredients of origanum vulgare directly into the skin.

With this nanotechnology, at least 80% of the all-natural bioactive ingredients of Hyssop Health penetrate into the skin and slowly release to provide continuous care for up to eight hours.

1. Product formula APPLIED to the skin; 20 percent of ingredients provide immediate surface benefit
2. An 80 percent or greater nanosphere-delivered ingredient CONCENTRATION penetrates the Stratum Corneum
3. Nanospheres MIGRATE through the Stratum Corneum
4. Nanospheres form a RESERVOIR between the Stratum Corneum and Stratum Granulosum
5. Nanospheres TIME-RELEASE bioactive and active ingredients within the Stratum Corneum and deeper epidermal layers over eight hours or more
6. Released ingredients slowly PENETRATE deeper epidermal layers

At only 280 to 300 nanometers in size, the microscopic, all-natural nanospheres in Hyssop Health products are the optimum size for penetration into the skin. The therapeutic powers of origanum vulgare are sustained with Lyphazome nanosphere technology in Hyssop Health products due to the high concentration of encapsulation, and targeted and timed release in the body.

The result is improvement in overall skin wellness.


Illustration of a Lyphazome® Nanosphere:

To create our patented Lyphazome™ nanosphere, we simultaneously encapsulate numerous hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients within a plant-based phospholipids structure.

1. Phospholipic Chain creates each nanosphere's structure
2. Hydrophilic (water-loving) bioactives and actives
3. Lipophilic (oil-loving) bioactives and actives


As they penetrate through deeper skin layers, nanospheres break apart due to naturally occurring changes within the skin, slowly releasing bioactive and active ingredients over eight hours or more.

4. Phospholipic Chain breaking apart
5. Hydrophilic ingredients slowly releasing
6. Lipophilic ingredients slowly releasing

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