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Product Usage

Hyssop Health Therapy is the perfect all-natural, multi-purpose addition to your medicine cabinet.

Hyssop Health Therapy Uses:

  • Spray on cotton swab then into ear
  • Spray onto face
  • Spray hands several times a day
  • Spray on feet
  • Hyssop Health Therapy will feel very warm when sprayed directly onto skiN

Hyssop Health’s™ primary ingredient is origanum vulgare, a wild, mountain-grown oregano found exclusively in the Mediterranean. Origanum vulgare contains 49 phyto-elements within nine areas of the body (Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical databases-AGR).

The powers of origanum vulgare are enhanced by a life science delivery technology to create an all-natural alternative solution for skin wellness, Hyssop Health™ Therapy.