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Hyssop Health™ Therapy

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Hyssop Health™ Therapy

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What’s in one spray of Hyssop Health? Centuries of plant wisdom and healing power beyond our understanding.

Hyssop Health is a natural, daily liquid supplement that helps bring relief and recovery to an endless variety of symptoms often associated with poor health. Formulated with origanum vulgare, a wild mountain grown oregano found exclusively in the Mediterranean, which contains 49 plant actives, including carvacrol and thymol, are encapsulated for maximum uptake within the body.

Numerous studies by leading institutions* have shown O.V. to eliminate viruses,bacteria, fungus and parasites. Hyssop Health Therapy has been proven in *independent microbial testing to kill 99.99 % of common bacteria such as Staph, E. Coli, MRSA, Strep and Candida with just a few sprays on contact.

* Research conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center & Department of Food Science at the University of Tennessee. *HH independant test data on file.

  • Benefits
  • Ingredients
  • Usage
    • Anti-Bacterial
    • Anti-Fungal
    • Anti-Viral
    • Anti-Parasitic
    • Anti-Parasitic
    • Immune Boosting
    • Time release activity for faster results
    • Paraben free
    • Powered by NLP technology®
    • Made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
    • Made in our FDA registered drug facility

    Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • USP Water, Alcohol (Ethanol), Origanum Vulgare Oil, Lecithin, Phosphoric Acid (pH adjuster)

    • Spray 3 to 6 times into the mouth daily. May be used up to three times daily.

    Hyssop Health® Therapy is also commonly used on the skin for a variety of conditions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Hyssop has been a standard go to for my family. It is the most effective method of healing I have ever found. I give it as gifts so that my friends and family can know the truth about how effective hyssop is. They also find it is amazing!

Lynda Miller
A must for my medicine cabinet

I have been using Hyssop Health for years and I will not be without it. It has healed infections and, in general, keeps me healthy. I recently contacted Covid and, I believe, it helped me recover quickly. I love this product.

Chelsea Williams
Honestly, this stuff works!

I was just thinking this morning that I'd love to give a review for Hyssop Health...and got an email requesting a review. Anyway, I love reviews and I want to be detailed. I have used this spray faithfully everyday, with some skepticism... for almost 2 weeks. I have sprayed 3 times in my mouth in morning and 3 at night. I have also used on precancerous squamous cell spots and several dry spots on my face...as well as a place on my foot that would never go away. Oh, and what I can only guess, are 3 warts on top of my foot. The results: the "warts" are completely gone after being on my foot for years. The dry patches on my face...gone. The precancerous spots...gone. I am simply amazed. I started putting the spray all over my face....caution don't get near eyes...and my face looks younger. I am not joking or lying. I have always inhaled oregano oil in boiling water to cure sinus infections etc....but this spray is worth every penny...and works. I have ordered more and am going on auto delivery. One more thing...my son came home and said Mom I have a sore throat. I sprayed 4 sprays then in his mouth. 4 more later that afternoon and 4 more the next morning. He's fine now. Usually that sore throat turns into 2 weeks of sinus drainage, coughing etc. This may be long but I need everyone to know my experience with Hyssop Health. God Bless!

Betty Glen

Love it

Works every time

When I feel the slightest tickle in my throat, I spray more often and haven't gotten sick in years!