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Hyssop is a life saver and works for so many things. I use it as a preventative for getting sick. At the first sign of feeling not good I use 6-8 sprays of Hyssop in my mouth swish and swallow. I can’t believe how many times Hyssop has worked for me to stay well.

Frank B.

Sheridan, WY

This is my family’s defense system against sore throats, colds, flu, earaches, athlete’s foot, and nail fungus. This product works all day on germs! Even more important now with Covid! I carry this product with me!

Alice S.

Eugene, OR

Hyssop is a product that continues to amaze me with it's healing. I've used it for sore throats, cuts, skin tears, mouthwash, and bug bites. It has worked for me every time.

Sharon L.

Tampa, FL

I can't recommend this spray highly enough. I tell all my friends about it. I use it daily on myself and my children. I will always be sure to have some in our home.

Christina M.

New Palestine, IN

It's my Big Fat Greek Wedding Windex. It works for LITERALLY everything. I love this product.

Doe G.

Newport Beach, CA

This is one of the best health products I have found. I use it all the time. And as I work in a hospital, it keeps me healthy. I just love Hyssop Health.

Linda M.

Sun City Eest, AZ

My husband and I are convinced of the effectiveness of this product. We highly recommend it.

Debra K.

Rogersville, TN

It's a great product. I had a blister on the bottom of my foot, couldn't walk on it, sprayed Hyssop on it and the next day it was gone. I have a two-year grandson who falls down a lot skinning his knees, I use the product on him and no infections. I will always keep a bottle in my home.

JoAnne M.

Turlock, CA

I’ve been praying for a product that can help with my acne-prone skin and it does. It also helps me and my family with our immune systems. This product is so much needed for times like this. Thank you so much.

Teresa H.

Hendersonville, TN

My husband and I love this product. I truly believe God has used this to keep us covered in the pandemic, especially when my husband's job had a Coronavirus outbreak and he never got sick. It also helps for my sinus headaches and even if I start to have a cough or sneeze it helps almost instantly.

Chantal F.

Kings Mountain, NC

I use Hyssop Therapy most every day. At the threat of sore throat I use and get immediate relief. Daily I spray my toothbrush.  I also spray the bottoms of my feet. It’s a great product!

Barbara H.

Columbus, MS

Our family has used this for years at the first sign of cold or flu or sore throat to stop it from developing. It works!

Dana S.

Mint Hill, NC

Amazing results for any skin issue, really! Nothing, in my experience, is outside the realm of this healing product. Orally, it's a huge part of my "stay healthy" regime.

Beverly H.

Mt. Pleasant, PA

My brother caught a bad cold on Thursday night. Friday I found out about it, and brought over the Hyssop. He was staying with my folks on a trip in AZ where I live. Everybody sprayed 4 sprays into their mouths. Fabulous results! By the next day he was totally clear! My parents were able to go see their sick friend! Everyone stayed healthy and my brother got rid of that nasty cold in 48 hours!

Chaunda F.

Van Nuys, CA

My wife and I have used this product for years; our sister-in-law gave us several bottles. Now it is our go to spray for when we feel a sore throat or suspect a cold on the way. Works great and we won't be without it! Highly recommended.

Ted S.


 If any kind of cold or flu symptoms begin, spraying the back of my throat and into my sinus every couple of hours keeps it from turning into anything.

Sharon P.

Virginia Beach, VA

I use Hyssop anytime I have anything coming on, I have never found anything that works so well against sickness! Love this product. I wouldn’t be without it!

Brenda T.

Castorland, NY

Not a doctor and couldn't explain how it works, but it does! So much so this purchase was for a friend who was having an issue with his leg. My family has used for many types of issues had with our skin or throat and this product has quickly remedied the problems.

D Tanner

Albany, CA

We spray Hyssop in the back of our throats at the onset of any scratchiness, and sickness is held at bay! Also, my daughter found that after 35 years of age it was the only thing that remedied her acne!

Rosalind D.

Monroeville, PA

This product is worth every penny. It has prevented me from getting a horrible respiratory illness that everyone else in my family has gotten this year. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

Allison M.

West Fargo, MD

Every day I find new reasons to use Hyssop personally and for my children and grandchildren. Last year my granddaughter was bitten by a spider. Her arm was swollen, antibiotics weren’t working. We put hyssop on sterile gauze on the bite and the swelling quickly went away and site of the bite completely healed. Thank you for this amazing product.

Grace G.

Gatlinburg, TN

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best product on the planet. I’ve seen it work miracles. So grateful!

Stephen G.

Chico, CA

I use it regularly with any kind of throat discomfort or infection and skin uses. I am so satisfied with it and highly recommend it to everyone for multiple reasons!

Ann B.

Lewisville, NC

I am a teacher in a busy resource room who sits across from my students as I work with them. I keep a bottle near my station and spray when I feel the need. I'm the only one who doesn't get the usual things that pass along---now some co-workers are finally getting their own. 

Cathie S.

Silver Star, MT

Hyssop was given to my young adult son for his Psoriasis/Rheumatoid Arthritis and his skin is clearing up daily and I am using it for a cold that I have right now and it is awesome for a sore throat... NO PAIN!

Patty L.


Every year, for many years, I have gotten a severe case of sinusitis, to the point of going to the doctor and being on very strong antibiotics. I would even get a very sore throat from the infection. And, the antibiotics made me have digestive problems, which made me have to take probiotics. I started using Hyssop Health Therapy a little over a year ago. I have only squirted four sprays, once a day, under my tongue...but I have not had another sinus infection since using it! . I am buying more today...would not be without it!

Lucille M.

Interlachen, FL

My daughter came home from school with a very bad sore throat. Within hours, her fever rose to over 101 and would come down even with medication. I had heard from friends about Hyssop Health Therapy and how it helped their kids. So my daughter started spraying Hyssop Health in her mouth about every 4 hours and within 2 days she was completely well! I don’t know what she had but nothing has cleared up a fever and sore throat this fast before! Thank you

S. Bell

Miami, FL

Every year my daughter struggles with ear infections. My brother recommended that we try spraying some Hyssop Health Therapy into her ear just to see if that would help. He said, “It’s a bacterial infection, right? Why not use an anti-bacterial spray?” So we tried it…and lo and behold, it worked! I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! Now my daughter keeps it in her bathroom, and sprays it at the first sign of pain. 

P. Roberts

N.Y., New York

The whole family uses Hyssop Health Therapy at the first sign of a sore throat! Both my husband and I have used the Hyssop Mist to stop the itch and spread of Poison Ivy. 

A. Schmitt

Indianapolis, IN

One Sunday my daughter woke up with a horrible ear ache, and since my pediatrician was closed gave Hyssop a try. I dipped a cotton swab in the liquid and slowly inserted it in her ear. Within minutes my daughter was saying how much better she felt. There was a warm feeling and she said it helped make the pain go away almost instantly. I treated her ear one more time that day and by Monday morning she was fine! We don’t use antibiotics anymore for our daughter’s ear aches.

J. Miller

Detroit, MI